Profiled Thermoplastic Road Line Marking

Profiled thermoplastic road line marking is a hot applied thermoplastic mechanically using profiling method. 

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Profiled marking is designed to provide high retro-reflectivity and better water shedding capability, which improves the visibility in wet condition especially during raining at night.
The raised ribs on the profile marking, when overrun, will provide a sensory and auditory feedback to the drivers alerting them to keep in their lane and reducing road accidents. Profiled thermoplastic road line marking is most suitable to be laid on edge line, but not limited to lane line and centre line. 
  • High durability
  • Quick draining of water
  • Provides sensible and audible warning to alert drivers
  • Road safety guide
  • Compliance to BS EN 1436:2007+A1:2008

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